How to Help a Fellow Buckeye

The Ohio State community promotes a culture of care.  We are committed to building and maintaining a diverse community to reflect human diversity and improve opportunities for all.  All members of our univesity community, including students, faculty, staff, parents and families must work together to eliminate hazing.  If you have a friend, neighbor, fellow studnet or loved one who you believe is behing hazed, there are steps you can take to make a difference.  

  • Talk to the person and let them know that you are concerned about their safety and well-being.

  • Focus on what you have observed and describe these behaviors.  Have you noticed a lack of sleep, changes in their attitude or mood, reduced energy level, neglecting academic work, neglecting previously established friendships? 

  • Ask this person what they are being asked to do to join their organization.  Every organization should be proud of their joining processes and the education that happens.  If they are unable to discuss their joining processes, this could be concerning.  

  • Discuss with them the definition of hazing and reiterate that hazing is not only illegal but wrong.  No organization should make you compromise your values or cause you to demean yourself for membership.  

  • Let your friend know that it is okay to withdraw from the organization at any point.

  • Ask how you can support them in this process.  Remind them of resources that are available for students. 

  • Share with them options to report, including anonymous options through EthicsPoint.  

  • Remind them that they are making a difference and helping current and future Buckeyes by addressing a dangerous culture in the organization.  When they report hazing, it benefits not only themselves but everyone else who wants to join that organization